Spring 2021 


We are currently open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers only.

Please visit our Remote Learning Page for further help and guidance, as well as the links to activities for your child.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office on 01902 925700


Welcome to St. Martin's  Primary School

We are driven at St. Martin's Primary School to equip our children with the skills needed to meet the challenges which lie ahead of them in life in modern Britain.

We want our pupils to leave St. Martin's Primary School with high academic and personal achievements, with a respect for each other and, above all, with a set of values that will ensure they make a contribution to their community and society.

Their education will have begun on the day they were born and we value the role that parents play in their children's education and want to continue that partnership as they join us.  It is our job to build on those early years and to work with you to equip them with skills they will need to be successful and happy individuals.

We think the way to achieve this is through our aim: to create a climate of possibility that celebrates diversity, sparks curiosity and breeds creativity.

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Mrs Lisa Martin






RWI Phonics Video for Parents/Carers - Understanding Phonics.

RWI Phonics Video for Parents/Carers - How to say sounds







St-Martins Trust

St. Martin's Primary School is a proud member of St Martin’s Multi Academy Trust.