School Uniform

  • Blue polo shirt embroidered with the school logo
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school logo
  • Royal blue fleece embroidered with the school logo
  • Mid-grey trousers (not jeans)*
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress*
  • Grey or white socks*
  • Blue and white check summer dress (any style)
  • Black flat heeled shoes, no boots or trainers please.


Body / ear ring piercings


The school does not recommend any body / ear ring piercings as these may cause damage when young people undergo physical activity (PE, playground breaks etc).  However, if a parent feels it is absolutely necessary for their child to have such piercings then when the child undergoes physical active these rings/studs must be removed or covered with a plaster.  The school cannot accept any responsibility for injuries caused due to these piercings.  We strongly recommend that before allowing their young child to have body piercings, parents think carefully about the dangers that earings can cause when young children are playing or undergoing physical activity, or even the issue of contamination or infection that may arise.

If a parent chooses to let their child wear piercings then only small studs are acceptable. (No hoops or drop/dangle).


PE Kit:


  • Plain light blue crew neck t-shirt

  • Plain navy blue shorts

  • Black plimsolls

  • Tracksuit and trainers for outdoor lessons as necesary

  • Swimming kit for year 3 as necessary


Items with the school logo can be purchased from

  • Clemmy's in Darlaston
  • Bilston Market 
  • Tesco online.


*These may be bought from any school outfitters