St Martin's CE Primary school is governed by St Martin's Multi Academy Trust.

For the governance of St Martin's Multi Academy Trust please follow the link below.

St. Martin's Multi Academy Trust


Each of the school's in St Martin's MAT has a Local Academy Committee. Our LAC is made up as follows:


Name Status

 Term of office start 

Business Interest Other Interests Notes
 Lisa Martin Headteacher



 Raphael Duckett  Chair of LAC

Chair of Governors at 
     Wilkinson Primary School       

 Elizabeth Thomas  Director 01/03/2015





Ian Keepins

Parent Academy Committee Member







Emma Lowe Parent Academy Committee Member 10/03/2017


Lynne Law Executive Headteacher,  CEO & ACO 01/03/2015


Director at ConnectEd Partnership Ltd, Wolverhampton


Related to T.Law, K.Shaw, J.Shaw, L.Williams